What WE DO

We are hands-on entrepreneurs. We want to be owner operators of one great business for the long-term.

We are not an investment firm building a portfolio of many companies. We are not a corporate buyer looking to merge your business into ours and cut costs.

As managers committed to running one business, our goals are continuity and patient sustainable growth for the long-term. We have no desire or external pressure to make drastic changes to an already successful business.

We offer a perfect transition opportunity for business owners who want to:

  • See their business legacy and reputation protected and sustained long-term

  • Keep their organisation and culture intact

  • Transition quickly, efficiently, and fairly to long-term and hands-on operators

We want to lead the next phase of growth of a successful business.


We are looking for a business with:

1. Demonstrated profitability.png

Demonstrated profitability

More than five years of profit between $1-5 million

2. Stable industry.png

Stable revenues

Non-cyclical and recurring sales

3. Genuine seller.png

Genuine sellers

Real willingness to sell due to retirement or other personal reason


Who we are

We are entrepreneurs who come from small family businesses. We’ve spent the past ten years working in investing and consulting, but running a business has always been our passion and goal.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, we chose not to start a new business. Instead, we want to buy into an already established business and become the full-time operators that lead its next phase of growth.


Johnson Wang, Co-founder

Johnson first started working in his family’s kitchenware manufacturing business, where his key roles were assembling metal woks and building cardboard boxes. He later studied civil engineering but was quickly drawn to building companies instead.

Before co-founding Riverlane, Johnson was investing and growing businesses for the private equity team at Oaktree Capital Management. Before that, he worked with managers on growth and operating strategies at McKinsey & Company. As an entrepreneur, Johnson’s background in kitchenware led him to cofound CHOPCHOP, a cooking business, and his interest in technology led him to be a product manager at Thanx, a fast-growth customer loyalty startup.

When not working, Johnson can be found on the tennis court trying to find his school-day form, watching rugby world cup replays, or teaching his nephew to crawl.

Johnson holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BEng and BComm from The University of Melbourne with first class honours.

Email: johnson@riverlanecapital.com


Sahil Shekhar, Co-founder

Helping with his family’s textile business, Sahil eagerly learned the ins-and-outs of the factory floor and the sales department. He also discovered his passion for understanding and (trying to) improve businesses and organisations more generally.

Since then, Sahil has worked at McKinsey & Company, where he managed teams of clients and consultants on long-term programs to improve their organisations. He learned the critical importance of people and teams early in his career. As an entrepreneur, Sahil co-founded and was CEO of Tappl, an HR technology company that helps employees develop. His focus on human capital also led Sahil to work in healthcare and education with companies and governments.

Outside work, you’ll find Sahil thinking up his next travel adventure, attempting to practice meditation, or floundering through the hobby of the month.

Sahil holds an MPA/ID from Harvard Kennedy School and a BA from The University of Melbourne, where he was a National Scholar.

Email: sahil@riverlanecapital.com


We are also grateful to have the backing of an engaged group of senior Australian executives and investors who want to see great businesses sustained. Our supporters will invest in the purchase of a company and advise us as we operate it over the long term.